Earn Astral Credits

A Plus Collectibles Astral Credits

Earn 300 Astral Credits

Earn Astral Credits for every purchase

For every dollar spent, you earn one Astral Credit. It’s that simple!

Redeem Astral Credits on Any Order

Redeem Astral Credits on any order at checkout

Astral Credits for Daily Login

Log in each day and receive 10 Astral Credits!

Free Gift on Your Birthday!

All Space Traveler Members receive a free gift on their birthday!

How much are Astral Credits worth?

Astral credits can only be used for purchases on the A Plus Collectibles website, with an exchange rate of 1 Astral Cred being equivalent to 1 cent.

Can I combine Astral Credits with other discounts or promotions?

In most cases, Astral Credits cannot be combined with other discounts or promotions.

Do Astral Credits expire?

No, unlike our coupons and other promotional codes which have an expiration date, Astral Credits do not expire.

How can I check my Astral Credits balance?

You can check your Astral Credits balance by logging into your A Plus Collectibles account.  Your Astral Credits balance will be listed next to your name at the top of the screen, as well as in your account information.

Are there any restrictions on what I can use my Astral Credits for?

In general, you can use your Astral Credits to purchase any eligible items on the A Plus Collectibles website. Additionally, a minimum of 500 Astral Credits is required to redeem during checkout.

Can I transfer my Astral Credits to someone else?

No, Astral Credits are currently non-transferable and can only be used by the account holder who earned them.

How do I join Space Traveler Rewards?

Have a registered account and be signed up to receive our newsletter transmissions.

What are Astral Credits?

A black coin with glowing text, Astral Credits are the currency of the Collect-A-Verse!  Redeem them to get discounts on future purchases.

How do I Earn Astral Credits?

By creating an account and signing up for our newsletter transmissions, you automatically get 300 Astral Credits.  You can earn 100 more for each social media platform you follow us on. From there, Astral Credits are earned with every purchase you make.  For each dollar you spend, you gain one Astral Credit.  Additionally, you can gain Astral credits from things such as following our social media page, tier rewards, coupons, and special events.

When will I receive my Astral Credits?

Once your order has shipped, your credits will be added to your account balance.

What happens if I return that order?

For items that are returnable* The Astral Credits you received will remain in your account, however, that value will be subtracted from the reimbursement value of your return.

How do I use Astral Credits?

Astral Credits can be converted for use on a purchase during checkout. Every 100 credits you earn is equal to a value of $1 USD used in-store at checkout.   A minimum of 500 credits is required to redeem Astral Credits for use.


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